We'd love to hear from you!

Just send us an email at info@littleowlcabin.com, or browse the FAQs below.

Can I have my wedding or elopement ceremony in one of your cabins? Or a couples photo shoot?

We cannot host events of any kind, no matter the occasion or guest count. Also, our cabins are no longer available for couples, boudoir, family, and/or wedding photography sessions, no matter how casual, tasteful or brief. (This includes "getting ready" shots.) You're welcome to take photos of course, and we hope you'll tag us @littleowlcabin when you do; but couples sessions are strictly prohibited for reasons that are too many and varied to explain here. (Before you send us that email, please know that our heels are totally dug in on this one. We will neither consider nor respond to requests for exceptions.)

I'd love to do a product/service photo shoot at one of your cabins. How do we set this up?

As long as it's not for couples, wedding or boudoir photography, then we'd be happy to discuss hosting your photo shoot. Commercial or professional photography will require a signed agreement by the guest and photographer, and a negotiated fee, depending on the product or service you're proposing to shoot. It's strictly prohibited without prior permission. Send us an email with a description of what you'd like to shoot, and for whom you'll be shooting, and we'll get back to you.

Do you do social media collaborations?

Yes, but we get far more requests than we can feasibly honor; thus, we really can't evaluate and respond to each collaboration request individually.

In a typical year, we'll do no more than 2 collaborations. Nearly all of those are with content providers--mostly amateurs, some professionals--who have stayed with us previously as paying guests, and who posted something that vividly captured the feeling and vibe that we like to cultivate at our cabins. Bottom line: We're more impressed with good content than bajillions of followers.

Can you put me on a waiting list for cancellations?

We don't keep a waiting list, but you can sign up for cancellation notifications at the bottom of our home page. When we get a cancellation, we'll notify our email subscribers first, then announce to social media if we don't get a booking within 24 hours. In addition to first notification, subscribers receive discount codes for canceled bookings.

I booked your cabin through Craigslist. Did I get scammed?

We have never listed any of our cabins on Craigslist, eBay, or any other non-hospitality channels. The only places where you can legitimately book a stay with us are this website, Airbnb or VRBO. Any listings elsewhere are most definitely scams.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

That depends on where you booked. Airbnb and VRBO reservations are subject to the terms you agreed to when you reserved, and we won't make any exceptions to policy on those reservations. If you booked direct with us, we'll return 100% of your money (minus a 5% credit card transaction fee) if you cancel 30 days before your scheduled arrival. Within 30 days, you will not technically be eligible for any refund; however, we can usually still issue a refund as long as you've left us with enough time to get another booking for your canceled night(s). Rebooked nights are refunded at the total paid for the new booking, minus the 5% fee.

We will not make refund/cancellation policy exceptions for reasons of illness, accidents, injuries, family tragedies, etc. We recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

Should I book direct, or via Airbnb/VRBO? What's the difference?

Your experience at any of our cabins will be the same, whether you book direct or through a third party. We usually mark up Airbnb and VRBO rates by about 15%, before those guys tack on their service fees, so you'll probably save at least 20% by booking direct. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we can be a lot more flexible with direct bookings than with Airbnb/VRBO reservations.

Are your cabins dog friendly?

Yes! Dogs and their people are our favorite guests. You may bring up to two dogs with you to Little Owl, Marmot and Pine Marten; and just one to Chickaree and Pika. We don't charge pet fees, because in our experience, dogs are at least as good as their people at leaving no trace. That said, if Fido is a big shedder, please bright a lint roller and brush with you--and use them--to avoid an added cleaning charge.

Your listing is advertised at a much lower rate than I see when I try to book. How do I get that lower rate?

The advertised rate is our base rate, which is typically only offered in low season (during and within a couple of weeks of April and November). In addition to your quoted rate, we must charge a housekeeping fee, as well as local sales and lodging taxes.

How are the roads there in the winter?

We don't get as much snow as you might think. For most of the winter, we're at least 1,000 feet below the snow line. That said, we'll still get a good blast of snow about twice a year, between December and April. We recommend AWD/4WD in the winter months, but if you've got front wheel drive with good tire tread, you'll probably get around just fine. The only instance in which we will issue a refund or allow you to reschedule your stay is if Hwy 12 is closed between Interstate 5 and Yakima, WA.

I saw two cabins in the Pine Marten photos. Is there another cabin on the property? If so, are the amenities communal?

If you're booking Pine Marten, you'll have the entire property to yourself. The small A-frame cabin is the "bAby frame," which is a shed that we converted to a second bedroom. There will be no outside guests on the property, other than those you invite.

Which is the most popular cabin?

Among our most faithful return guests, Pine Marten seems to be the favorite. Little Owl and Marmot get more bookings, and generally photograph better thanks to their north/south orientations. For couples who just need one bed, and minimal space, Chickaree and Pika offer the best combination of value and moody cabin vibes.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do not.

Can I buy the stuff in your cabins?

If you're currently staying in one of our cabins, you may take as many of the coffee mugs as you'd like. We will deduct $12 from your damage deposit for each mug.

I'm hoping to build an A-frame cabin like yours. Do you have the building plans?

Little Owl, Pine Marten and Marmot are grandfathered, meaning they were compliant with building codes at the time they were built, but would not meet current building codes; thus, the plans wouldn't be too useful. Chickaree and Pika were built in 2022, and those plans came from Den Outdoors (Modern Alpine Cabin).

Are your rates flexible?

Our nightly rates are not negotiable, but if you're looking to visit on the cheap, we typically discount unbooked weeknights about a month in advance.

How close are the cabins to one another? Can we book multiple cabins for our group?

Marmot, Chickaree and Pika are all next door neighbors, and Pine Marten is just 1/4 mile away. Little Owl is about five miles from the others.

That said, if you're looking for a large cabin to host a group, or if you're hoping to book more than one of our cabins for your group, then we suggest you consider another venue. Simply put, if you've booked for 4 guests, then no more than 4 are allowed at the property at any given time.

Do you offer military, senior, healthcare worker discounts?

Everyone pays the same rate. We don't offer any special discounts.

Where's the nearest major airport?

We are 2.5 hours from Portland and Seattle-Tacoma airports.

What's the best time of year to visit?

For most, it's summer and early autumn. It can get hot here, but most summer days are totally clear and mild. Winter's also pretty great if you enjoy skiing (downhill or nordic), snowboarding, or snowshoeing. November and April are great for foraging (chanterelles, morels, matsutakes, to name just a few), and otherwise just cocooning in the cabins.

Hiking is hugely popular here, but your options will vary depending on the season. Nearly every trailhead is accessible between June and early November, but you'll be restricted to lowland hikes in wintry months unless you've got snowshoes, backcountry skis and seriously good orienteering chops.

If you're booking Marmot, Pika or Chickaree for Memorial Day, July 4 or Labor Day weekends, be advised that the properties surrounding those cabins get quite crowded with campers. There will be significant ambient noise throughout the day--engines, barking dogs, loud conversations, etc.

How private or secluded are your cabins?

All of our cabins are located in vacation home communities. If you're looking for a truly off-the-grid experience, that'll be a disappointment. We have neighbors, but all of our cabins still offer plenty of privacy, immersion in nature, and proximity to sublime landscapes. Little Owl and Pine Marten are adjacent to National Forest.

What are the amenities like?

Each cabin will have WiFi, cable, stereo, a wood stove, cedar hot tub, linens, memory foam mattresses and a Blu Dot lounge chair. Our kitchens are exceedingly well stocked: Tri-ply cookware, convection ovens, loads of utensils, dishwashers, kettles, knife blocks (with good knives), burr grinders, and Technivorm drip coffee machines. Each cabin has a Weber gas grill on the deck. We also provide a complimentary bag of Roseline Coffee for each stay.

Do you do charity auctions or giveaways?

Yes, but if we offered a cabin stay for every deserving charity solicitation, we'd go bankrupt. Having worked for decades in nonprofit, we appreciate all y'all, but to keep things simple and maximize our impact, we've chosen pet rescue and adoption as our exclusive -pet- charity.

Any flexibility on the person caps?

Sorry, but large groups have just given us too much trouble. We realize that some groups are more respectful than others, but the usual methods for screening the troublesome ones just haven't worked well for us. For that reason, we cannot accommodate more than 5 people at Chateau Marmot; no more than 4 at Little Owl and Pine Marten; and no more than 2 adults + one small child at Chickaree and Pika.

Also, please don't book multiple cabins for your group with plans for everyone to congregate at one of our cabins. Simply put, if you've booked for four guests, no more than four people are allowed at the property at any given time. Children aged 3 and up count as guests.